In Formulaciones Quimicas S.A. a wide variety of insecticides and nematicides are produced, formulated on various types of inert materials such as pumice, cellulose base and others.

In this area, a large number of water dilutable products and emulsifiable concentrates are handled. It has a large capacity of installed production and equipment differentiated by type of product in order to avoid problems of incompatibility or cross contamination. This area has a glass reactor. The products that are made in this area are:

  • - Liquid insecticides.
  • - Emulsifiable fungicides.
  • - Hormonal herbicides, soluble in water and emulsifiable.

In this area dry and wet powder products are generated. This includes a modern pin mill that allows particle sizes greater than 325 mesh.

In this area the client is offered animal health products such as shampoo for pets or pipettes for flea removal.

It is offered to the clients the procedure of exonerations, permissions of desalmacenaje, procedures of import, export and nationalization at the expense of the client or end user.

Inward Processing System (Draw Back) The company is authorized to operate this important customs modality that allows the temporary importation without taxes, of materials to be processed in our plant.

We have authorized vehicles for bulk transportation of products and raw materials. We have extensive experience in the logistics of handling returnable containers of both granulated and liquid products.